About Stump

Stump is storied...

Stump began on the eighth day. God rested on the seventh, and on the eighth he decided to crack open a cold one and throw the hammer around. And Stump was born.

The origins of the cult stump game are unknown, some suggest the ancient olive trees of Greece were cut down and used for games while the Parthenon was constructed. Others suggest Jacob Smith was building a homestead in upstate New York in the 1800’s with his college-age kids and designed a hammer throwing contest. Regardless of your preferred origin tale, Stump is a widespread yet niche backyard game that’s crazy to watch and even crazier to play. Check out the official Stump game rules for common play stump if you haven’t yet.

Our Founding

We were founded just recently, in 2018. It was a bright sunny day and we had beer and hammer in hand. We looked around the backyard at all the other games we had, and felt that Stump had a special place in our hearts – it’s risky, exciting, requires great skill, and really draws a crowd. Beer pong is boring to watch, and cornhole can only be played by four people – Stump breaks the mold.

So, we set out to formalize the game, and set a standard of play and a standard set of tools that will bring Stump into the mainstream.

The Stump Kit is our first product, to be followed up shortly by individual nail packs so you can refill your nail supply, and then a solution for getting you a Stump if you’re too lazy to go out and do it yourself.

If you’ve been a fan of Stump since you first played it at a tailgate, or are excited and just learning about it now, follow us on the social interwebs (Facebook, Instagram), drop us an email with suggestions and words of encouragement, or (best of all) buy a Stump Kit and start flipping hammers like you flip burgers.