Buy a Stump Kit

Stump is the the backyard, cabin, tailgate, and college party game that’s crazy to watch and madness to play. Players stand around a stump and take turns throwing the Stump Hammer in the air, catching it, and trying to strike their opponent’s nail into the stump. It’s bold, and that’s the way we like it.

Unfortunately Stump can no longer be purchased online. If you’d like to inquire about bulk purchase of Stump Kits please email and we’ll get back to you in short order.

How Do You Play Stump?

That’s a totally fair question. If you haven’t played Stump before head on over to the rules for playing Stump to learn the Common Play method. 

In brief: each player has a nail in a stump and it’s last man standing wins. Each player takes turns throwing the hammer into the air (it has to do a full rotation), catching it on the way down, and striking an opponents nail. You’re out when the head of your nail is flush with the stump.

how to play stump - rule 1
how to play stump - rule 2
how to play stump - rule 3

How Do I Get A Stump?

The woods, guys. Come’on. But suppose you live in Brooklyn, or feel like Grampa’s old axe just won’t cut it? Well we can get you a stump! But beware we believe in using full stumps to play – no 10 inch logs or segments on stools.

Reach out and we’ll help you find one. Because you’ll definitely need a stump if you buy a Stump kit, it’s not included. Down the road you’ll be able to get one here online too.