Play Stump

The Outdoor Party Game.

About Stump

Anyone can play Stump! Stump is a classic outdoor party game. It’s a favorite for football tailgates, college parties, camping, and backyard parties. To play Stump you need a stump (which you get from a tree, duh), a Stump Hammer and Stump Nail Set.

Stump is for 2 to about 10 players. It’s 18+, and in our opinion probably requires eye protection (your call).


Play Stump - The Outdoor Party Game

What's New?

While Stump has been around for quite a while – at college parties, tailgates, camping trips, and in backyards – it’s also really just beginning. The rise of new backyard games like Kan Jam and Spike Ball have made us realize Stump needs to step out from the shade and into the sun.

That means it’s time for you to pony up and buy a Stump Kit. Then use this website as a resource for learning how to play Stump. Stay sharp on the Stump Rules, and figure out how to get ahold of a Stump when you live in a four-story walk up in Brooklyn.

The Stump Kit

Check it out! The standard Stump Kit comes with all the hardware for playing Stump.

  • A Stump-branded Common Play Hammer. Different than what’s needed for Olympic Play, but perfect for the backyard.
  • A full setup of chip-resistant, multicolored Stump Nails. We ship nails of the standard weight and materials for easy play.
  • The Official Stump Common Play Rules.
  • Rockin’ carrying box that will survive being thrown in the back of the truck, or in the garage.